What should you bring to your meeting with an Attorney?
Bring your sense of humor.
All papers and documents relating to the issue you want to discuss with the attorney.
Use file folders to organize your papers into topics.
Then, sort the documents into a logical pattern.  I suggest by date.
Create a Table of Contents - or a list of what papers you have.
Bring a list of the people or entities involved.
Bring a written timeline.  A written timeline will save you a lot of time in relating the issues to your attorney.  
Bring any required forms.
You can fill out the client intake form when you are here at my office, but if you fill it out in advance, you can be more organized.
Bring your Written List of Questions
What do you want or need to know.
Do not rely on your memory - you will have a lot of information to absorb and having a written list will help you to get the answers to your questions.
Bring your consultation fee.