What should you expect?
A consultation does not mean that you have hired the attorney to represent you, or that the attorney has agreed to take your case. A consultation is meant to present you with possible options and solutions and give you information to help you make informed choices.
When you arrive, you will be met by the receptionist.  She will take your documents and copy them.  She will also give you a client intake sheet.  If you have already filled out the pre-interview form, then be sure to give that form to the receptionist as well.
Next, you will be taken to a conference room where you will meet with an attorney.
The attorney will review the documents you have provided and ask you questions about those documents.
The attorney will then try to answer all of the questions you have on your list.
One of three outcomes is possible after your meeting with the attorney:
The attorney agrees to take your case, and you agree to the terms of representation.  Then, you will sign a retainer agreement explaining all the terms.
The attorney agrees to take your case, but you decide not to hire the attorney, or you need time to consider your options.
If your legal problem(s) involve a potential lawsuit, a lawsuit must be filed within a certain period of time (Statute of Limitations). Therefore, the we strongly urge you to immediately consult with another attorney to protect your rights, if we do not mutually agree to terms of representation today. We will not represent you with regard to the matters set forth by you in this information sheet or discussed during your consultation, unless and until, both you and we sign a written retainer.
The attorney decides not to take your case.
If we do not agree to represent you, then we will not represent you on any matter whether on this sheet or discussed with us during your consultation. Our decision not to represent you should not be taken by you as an expression regarding the merits of your case.
After you meet with the attorney, the Law Offices will send you a letter thanking you for your consultation.